This one is for parents. Just a gentle reminder. Do not give your children gadgets for Christmas.Take them instead to a new place where you haven’t been before or the one where they really want to go. It’s the Christmas break and they are free to go anywhere with you.

It is really recommended that families travel together regularly. Make it your Christmas or summer tradition but any time of the year is fine too as long as it suits your schedule. This gives the kids something to look forward to. They can join in the planning. Ask them where they want to go and take note of their suggestions so that everyone can have fun during your family vacation. Letting kids pack their own stuff for your vacation teaches them responsibility.Delegate things that they can do by themselves so that it is as stress-free as possible.

One of the many benefits of traveling with your kids is that you are able to create beautiful memories together. These may or may not be captured on photographs but the feeling and experience would be enough to have these memories imprinted on your children’s hearts and mind. These memories are their source of happiness during the not so happy days of their young lives. Traveling also keeps them grounded. They know there are other people and places out there. Traveling is a good way to learn. It is a different learning experience to be able to actually see the places and witness for yourself what people have been talking about.Best of all, traveling brings the family closer together. They create lasting memories together from the moments that they spend with each other. It is a good way to bond and do stuff that everyone likes to do together.As they say,the family that travels together stays together.