Welcome to the Old Christ Church, Philadephia. We are the home of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America and our old community is known as the final resting place of great American leaders.

The Christ Church Parish is still a very active Episcopal ministry. The religious leaders guide the members of the church in their spiritual life by leading services, giving sermons, and facilitating the sacraments. They also serve the community by developing their musical talents and deepening their knowledge of the word of the Lord.Truly, the Christ Church Parish is a pillar for the spiritual life of the community members of Philadelphia.

Come and visit our Burial Grounds. Among those who were laid to rest here are Andrew Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush, Charles Lee, James Wilson, Deborah Read, Pierce Butler, Francis Hopkinson, John Penn, William White, and the list goes on. Each of those buried here has made a notable contribution to our country that is why it is worth your time to visit these burial grounds.

The old community in Christ Church, Philadelphia is a sight to see. The Georgian architecture is prominent in the buildings.It is reminiscent of the colonial and revolutionary era in our history. The ambiance of the place makes it the perfect choice for the burial grounds.

The organization of the Old Christ Church was formed to guide the travelers in their journey here on the historic Christ Church and the Burial Grounds. The organization also raises and manages funds for the preservation of the place. The Old Christ Church also arranges tours here in Christ Church and beyond. They prepare itineraries, lodging, and accommodation for travelers so that all they have to do is join the tour and everything else is taken care of. The organization hopes that they come out of the guided tours with a deeper understanding of themselves, their faith, and their country. We invite you to join us on one of our tours. Get out of your garage doors in Tempe and explore the world around you.

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