Are you also one of those people who prefer to put their money on their travel funds instead of buying the latest gadgets, trendiest clothes, and classiest shoes? If you are, then read up. You and I are alike. We both believe that money spent on traveling is well spent, even better than money spent on material things. Spend your money on trendy clothes and they would be outdated in a few months. Spend your money on the latest gadget and it’s battery will wear off in a year or two and an upgraded version will be released the following year. Spend your money on classy shoes and see them just stuck in your shoe cabinet for weeks or months. But when you spend your money on traveling, you get to take with you memories that would last a lifetime. The experience is worth it. You get excited planning your trip. That is already half the fun, thinking of places you want to go to and things that you want to do. When you travel, you get to spend quality time with yourself (if you are traveling by yourself) or with your loved ones. You get to learn more about the place where you’re going. You get to meet new people and get a feel of their culture. You reconnect with nature. You discover beautiful places. You get to be adventurous. And in the process, you get to know yourself better. When you come back from traveling, you are a different person -someone with a different perspective and understanding of the world. Traveling changes you for the better. You take with you precious photographs. But most of all, you take with you happy memories that will remain in your mind and in your heart forever. These are the intangibles that traveling gives you. Yes, not only material possessions can make you rich. The whole experience of traveling makes you a richer and better person.